The artful activation of intelligence.

We are a marketing agency driven by intelligence, and we win with the artful activation of this intelligence. By drawing insights from data analytics, we embrace a bold approach to creative storytelling, and light up meaningful experiences across channels with a focus on personalization at scale.

Join us on our quest to become the world’s leading precision marketing agency. We’re looking for energetically curious, fearlessly creative, and openly collaborative minds who want to accelerate past average and excel into the extraordinary.



WHY we show up each day

At Targetbase, we recognize the potential in every client, brand, and team member, and we seek to turn that potential into ever greater opportunities for growth and success. 

We believe in the power of the “big us”— the way individual perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences combine to make us greater than the sum of our parts. 

We welcome and celebrate contributions from all, because our shared success relies on achievement in every role and a collective attitude that “good enough” just isn’t good enough. If you’re not willing to settle, you’ve come to the right place.

Targetbase Team Why We Show Up

HOW we support employees

Our people are what make us great, and we are committed to helping you do and be your best—in and out of the office. We believe in leading with compassion and empathy, and we continuously work to be a place where our people choose to share their skills. 

Employee Benefits at Targetbase

WHAT our people say

We think life is good at Targetbase, but it’s even better that people across the agency are saying the same thing. 

SBA Analyst Testimonial

“At Targetbase, I have been able to work with top-tier clients, top-notch coworkers and had great career opportunities. I’ve had experiences I couldn’t have had anywhere else.”

– Yingni N.,  Senior Analyst, SBA

SVP Client Services Testimonial

“Targetbase celebrates what is both common and different – and authentically embraces diversity and inclusion.”

– Jose R., Senior Vice President, Client Services

Strategy Director Testimonial

“Have you ever been part of a team where you have total confidence that, no matter what happens, you all will navigate through the work together and knock it out of the park? That’s what Targetbase feels like every day.”

– Ashley G., Senior Director, Strategy