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delivering high-performance brand experiences since 1988

Our roots in data and research run deep. For over 35 years, we have been leveraging data-driven intelligence to tackle every brand challenge our clients give us. We help our clients transform how they acquire, engage, launch, win-back, expand, and grow—all with customer intelligence at the core.

Our performance in data science, strategy, technology, and creative speaks volumes when you look at the decades long relationships we’ve earned with clients in automotive, healthcare, CPG, retail, and pet care. But to us, the key measure of success is seeing consumers join, click, open, share, purchase, …and repeat.


anatomy of performance

Harnessing the power of your data

We help our clients capture, connect, and enable the use of their first-party data. With data in hand, we inform solution design and inspire performance—supporting brands and growing clients’ businesses.

  • Martech roadmap
  • Marketing data cloud
  • Single customer view
  • Data enrichment /APIs
  • Omni™M / AgilelD
  • DMP / DSP integration

Generating actionable intelligence

Shaped from our clients’ first-party data, intelligence arms our client teams with the power to make clear-sighted marketing decisions. For us, data is a game-changer when it’s turned into intelligence you can act on. We use it to turn brand campaigns into motivating brand experiences at an individual level. It gives clients the answers to brands’ biggest questions—when, how, where, and why. And when it comes to campaigns and creative, it fuels our creative briefs and sparks the design of dynamic brand experiences.

  • Analytical roadmap
  • Cognitive insights
  • Audience segmentation
  • Predictive scoring
  • Al machine learning
  • Real-time reporting

Creating personalized brand experiences

With so many addressable channels today, we can go beyond connecting with consumers to surround them with brand experiences. Experiences so personal and so relevant, it’s like the brand is talking only to them. How do we do it? We design with data-driven intelligence. Rather than being ‘always on’ with all customers (which can get dull), we help clients identify the moments that matter to a consumer along their journey and we focus there. Our behavioral science team helps us understand that moment, so we can immerse ourselves in creating the dynamic brand experience—one that can adapt to the individual.

  • Experience planning
  • Journey mapping
  • Acquisition / retention
  • Creative storytelling
  • Content & messaging
  • Influencers / advocacy activation

Always-on activation and optimization

Think of it as creative engineering. We orchestrate personalized brand experiences—using universal design frameworks, modular systems, and automation—powered by data-driven intelligence. We listen for customer signals and orchestrate the right actions at the right time in the moments that matter. All of this is made possible with our technical enablement team.

  • Digital experiences
  • Performance media
  • Addressable media
  • CRM / Direct
  • Marketing automation
  • Program optimization

our leadership

the heart of performance

stacey crumbley


kimberley walsh

Chief Creative Officer

kevin bishop

Managing Director, Client Services

beth kuykendall

Chief Strategy Officer

jimmy rhodes

Chief Operating Officer

melissa andrews

EVP Client Services

erik lindholm

Chief Financial Officer

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