Retail Vertical

Targetbase is an expert in understanding customer behavior. We apply 30+ years of experience and know-how to identify customer potential and produce incremental sales and profits for our clients.


Retail Experience

We have been serving the needs of leading retailers for over 20 years. Within the retail space, we have experience with luxury goods retailers, department stores, pet stores, arts and crafts stores, grocery stores and specialty retailers. In addition, our team is experienced with collecting and analyzing data from most major POS systems.


Retail Point of View

Your customers are not created equal. Their current spend, aisles and channels they shop and, more important, their potential spend with you are all different. Targetbase helps you understand and identify all of that important insight at a customer-by-customer level. We drive better performance for our clients through developing deep insight into the needs and opportunity each customer represents. Beyond simply reporting present spend, we uncover the potential value of each customer.


Targetbase specializes in planning and executing retail marketing programs—grounded in customer engagement and behavioral relationship management. More than two decades of experience led us to develop a suite of proven methods and marketing solutions that systematically generate incremental revenue.


The key is translating data into intelligence that impacts profitable behavior change across ALL customer types—from the fiercely loyal to the habitually competitive shopper. But we don’t stop there. Targetbase continually optimizes your marketing investment to generate superior returns on margin and sales. That’s the crystal-clear vision most traditional marketing programs lack.