Connecting Data

Targetbase Marketing Platform Overview


The Targetbase Marketing Platform is at the heart of customer engagement. It is a platform that maintains an accurate view of all aspects of a customer’s interaction, drives communication through all channels with the customer, and provides management with dashboards and views into the opportunities you have to deepen your customer relationships and measure the success of your communications.




Without connecting data, insights, and targeting, your marketing won’t hit the mark. The Targetbase Marketing Platform brings it together with a single view of customer relationships and intelligence.

Fusion Marketing Chart
We have designed the Targetbase Marketing Platform to meet these key client requirements:


  • A 360° view of the customer to make data actionable including transactional data, financial data, demographic data, shopping cart data, website browsing data, and campaign and response history
  • Access to underlying data in usable formats for CDI, analysis and campaign implementation on any platform
  • Customizable dashboards for meeting the informational needs of all of your internal stakeholders—executives, finance, marketing, field sales, store managers
  • Direct access to the data through SQL, BI tools, SAS or other ODBC-compliant tools
  • Data to and from customer-facing web properties
  • Coordinated campaigns delivered in an omni-channel environment
  • Tracking and reporting on campaigns executed across multiple channels
  • Support for the deployment of omni-channel testing
  • Collection and storage of data from multiple sources and devices
  • Integration with tools that are already utilized
  • Tracking, reporting and action upon customer behavior by brand and enterprise
  • Frequent updates based on client requirements
  • Integrated email deployment and tracking


Activation Services Layer (Marketing Repository)
This is the formal database structure supporting customer, product and transaction data requirements from normalized structures for CDI (customer data integration) to de-normalized structures such as dimensional data marts, OLTP constructs for BI (business intelligence) access, aggregates/OLAP cubes for analytical access and communication subject areas for supporting comprehensive campaign management.


The Activation Services Layer is the nucleus for all customer intelligence. This repository is the source that integrates customer data for both Business Intelligence and Campaign Management “actioning.” Data access tools used point to the Activation Services Layer to provide a single view of all customer and prospect data.


Summary of Key Benefits:

  • Analytical integration and enablement
  • Focused on enabling campaign execution
  • Scalability
  • Speed of delivery
  • Best-in-class approach
  • Leverages proven, market tested approach

Customer Data Integration (CDI)
The Targetbase CDI component resides within the Activation Services Layer and represents a holistic data consolidation and integration process. This component supports the integration of all of a client’s internal and external data sources. This will include all existing customer information as well as feeds gathered from ecommerce and other sites. These core CDI data processing services manage data standardization and hygiene, customer matching, de-duplication, marketing ID assignment, data consolidation and optimization, NCOA processing, data overlays, field transformations/conversions, and required suppressions.


These processes are integral to ensure data integrity, compliance and ready access to reliable and accurate customer data. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in the CDI space. Our CDI processes ensure that customers are loaded correctly, without duplication. This includes leveraging our build-best-record processing that evaluates all incoming and historical customer data and applies customized business rules to assign persistent keys. Optionally, we also have built-in functionality for housing external reference keys and using them in our matching logic data. Tools utilized to deliver these services include Informatica and First Logic.


API Connectors Layer (Integration Services)
Targetbase leverages best-in-class methods and protocols to provide multiple levels of integration with the Targetbase Marketing Platform as depicted by the API Connectors Layer. These methods range in complexity and sophistication. For example, batch data transfers can be accomplished through secure, encrypted FTP. A more complex example is integration with a call center that requires real-time query access to individual customer accounts to add, change, or modify profile information. This type of integration is accomplished through open web-services techniques to allow a system and/or application external to the marketing database to interact with the system to fulfill a business requirement.


Additionally, our open architectural approach can support other common access protocols such as ODBC. Any authorized ODBC compliant tool can access and engage with the Targetbase Marketing Platform. Over time as access requirements evolve, the Targetbase Marketing Platform is engineered to grow and evolve to support varying levels of access and integration.

Web Layer (Data Access)
Users have multiple levels of access to the Targetbase Marketing Platform via the Web Layer. The Web Layer provides consistent access to the marketing repository (single source of the truth) for all tools whether it’s a BI tool, a campaign management tool or an ODBC compliant tool. So regardless of the tool, the access layer is consistent across the tools and will help support a seamless level of query access. This provides our clients with the ability to dig into the data for analysis and exploration.


Campaign Management
Campaign management functionality resides within the Activation Services Layer of the Targetbase Marketing Platform. This enables execution of all customer communications and responses, including multi-wave/channel campaigns, triggered campaigns, recurring campaigns and ad hoc campaign executions.


To facilitate the rich campaign management capabilities that are needed to truly exploit the intelligence within the marketing database, Targetbase utilizes Adobe Campaign to initiate and measure all campaigns, regardless of channel. Targetbase is a preferred Adobe partner and has tight integration between the product and the data models serving promotion and offer management within our databases. As a result, our clients benefit from this necessary integration to achieve the marketing dialogues throughout the customer lifecycles based on customer-level characteristics, response behavior and history.


Adobe Campaign offers tight and robust analytic integration. Some of Adobe Campaign benefits that our clients realize include:

  • Support for centralized business rules for campaign definitions and processing
  • Support for multiple, integrated channels including extensive support for personalized and variable-based messaging
  • Comprehensive user training and both initial and ongoing where required to ensure your team can use Adobe Campaign to its maximum effectiveness
  • Seamless integration with campaign selection and email execution
  • Integrated feedback processing for all email engagement data
  • Multiple and integrated methods for campaign testing
  • Support for contact and campaign optimization rules
  • Support for complex, sequence based communication/contact strategies across multiple touch-points and channels
  • Rich offer management and response offer integration
  • Engaging, powerful, yet easy to use interface supporting all user types
  • Digital orientation offering flexible processing capabilities supporting batch and real-time, trigger based execution
  • Open UI architecture, which supports configurable metadata & interface customizations

Business Intelligence and Analytics
The Targetbase Marketing Platform is specifically engineered to support analytic endeavors ranging from standard report executions to vast and complex data-mining exercises and ad hoc queries. The solution is designed to grow and adjust to the analytic needs of marketing users and our clients’ end users.


Residing within the Application Services Layer, Targetbase integrates SAP’s BusinessObjects (BO) application for reporting and Business Intelligence activities. Using this tool, our clients’ teams have direct access to the intelligence necessary to inform marketing decisions by accessing pre-defined reports and by having the ability to create their own reports as well.


SAS connectivity is enabled to the marketing database via an ODBC connection and continued use of the SAS Access product add-on. Analysts are able to both read data from the database and process within SAS as well as write specific results into dedicated analyst schemas for temporary storage.


Deploying the Targetbase Marketing Platform for Your Business
The Targetbase Marketing Platform is made available to our clients through a subscription model. You pay a flat monthly subscription fee during the Optimization Phase while your instance of the platform is being customized and then a continuing subscription fee during our on-going delivery of services to you. Our clients have found this predictable bundled fee to be a welcome alternative to expensive up front costs, long development cycles and complicated fee schedules which have long been prevailed in the industry.


Full Service Option

  • Targetbase personnel perform all aspects of on-going campaign development
  • Targetbase personnel perform all aspects of campaign QC and execution
  • Targetbase personnel perform campaign response measurement and reporting
  • Targetbase developed dashboards and reports to support your customer engagement and marketing campaigns
  • Client direct access to data for query


Self Service Option

  • Client direct access to business intelligence and campaign tools
  • Targetbase team available for support and QC needs

Benefits vs Traditional Marketing Databases
Our approach to building the Targetbase Marketing Platform is to take best-in-class technologies for all application areas—ETL, Data Quality, Business Intelligence, Campaign Management etc—and combine them based on our decades of experience in creating marketing technology solutions. In this way the Targetbase Marketing Platform is more than just a collection of hardware and software; instead, it is a solution focused on delivering the outcomes needed by our clients.


Targetbase Marketing Database Experience
Our agency brings over 30 years of experience to developing, delivering and supporting our client’s marketing and engagement efforts with their clients. Below is a table depicting six example clients we deliver services to across a range of industries.


Targetbase Marketing Database Experience

Data Security and Hosting
Targetbase has access to resources and information concerning security and privacy matters that spans the globe. All infrastructure security and data security policies are managed by our Chief Security Officer.


The foundation for protecting our client’s data is to provide a strong physical environment to store data. All client data is maintained in a SSAE-16 certified Tier 3 rated data center. In addition we employ a geo-redundant disaster recovery data center. Within our data center there are high security zones that can support client requirements for PCI, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, etc., if needed. Our data centers have multiple layers of access control, including a defensible perimeter, digital video surveillance, biometric screening and 24×7 guard staff providing physical protection from unauthorized entry.


Our Information Security Program is based on the ISO 27001 Information Security standard. It is a stringent, comprehensive and internationally accepted standard for securing not just the networked aspects of information but also addresses information in printable, viewable and physical forms.