Applying Intelligence

Game-changing insights don’t just happen.

They are not the products of mere reporting or number crunching. Game-changing insights are cultivated by the type of analysts who know how to turn data into insights into action.


Armed with endless curiosity, deep talent and the latest tools, this team produces the kind of strategic insights that propel our clients’ businesses forward. Which is why we consider our analytics gurus to be the secret sauce of all Targetbase solutions.


Marketing Insights
Assessing the overall health of your customer portfolio, assessing the opportunities for incremental revenue and profit growth, and understanding the most viable and relevant touch points are critical for any marketer to develop the right marketing strategies and plans.


Customer and Prospect Segmentation

Clear and strategic perspective of consumer opportunities, economic potential and strategic leverage points. Designed to support integrated, cross-channel planning, execution and measurement, our segmentation approach embraces consumer engagement, becoming progressively personalized based on accumulated knowledge at an individual level.


Econometric Assessment and Scenario Modeling

Objective valuation of business potential, financial dynamics and risk. Combining financial and consumer data analysis, along with econometric modeling, provides clear direction and guidance for developing ROI-based strategies and program designs.


Touch Point Mapping

A clear connection of consumer segments and the appropriate channels for engagement. Dimensionalizes the consumer experience across channels according to behavior and situational context. Our analytic approach integrates touch point data streams with primary research and purchase data to provide holistic perspective for engagement planning and program design.


Lifetime Value Modeling

Continuously updated perspective of consumers that offer the most economic importance and potential for the brand over time. Our approach combines knowledge of consumer characteristics, engagement, and purchase behavior as the basis for value models that are current and accurate, providing meaningful input for strategic planning and program design.


Customer Profiling and Persona Development

Identifying and understanding customer characteristics, behaviors, needs, motivations and attitudes is a critical source of insight for tailoring brand experiences that attract, engage and motivate key consumers. Our approach also maps the dimensions of a consumer in action (moments of truth) as they experience a need, search for options and engage a brand.


Social Listening and Profiling

An assessment and understanding of the prevalence, nature and sentiment of social activity and buzz related to a brand or industry by consumer type. Our data partners, tools and methodologies provide strategic perspective and understanding as input for developing social media strategies and advocacy programs.


Consumer Behavior Analysis
Multi-dimensional consumer-level knowledge is a fundamental requirement for brands to effectively engage consumers and drive business results. Targetbase integrates and configures consumer data and applies advanced analytics to produces holistic, actionable consumer intelligence at an individual level.


Consumer Pathways and Trigger Identification

Comprehensive perspective of each consumer’s unique journey over time and across touch points. Provides perspective on how the consumer experience relates to key business objectives of conversion, value, loyalty and retention. Our approach identifies key patterns and events that cause or signal relationship opportunities or threats for marketing intervention.


Prospect/Conversion Modeling

Actionable perspective on individual prospects within a brand’s conversion funnel. Predictive analysis is used to dimensionalize the purchase funnel, develop business rules and algorithms for tailoring communications, and maximize conversion likelihood and the value of individual prospects.


Customer Acquisition Modeling

Our approach for identifying and targeting best prospects begins with a segmentation approach that includes economic and motivational (right-to-win) dimensions and that is specifically designed for effective modeling to prospect databases.


Customer Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Modeling

Advanced data-mining tools and techniques to identify customers with immediate potential for incidental purchase or revenue and to determine the most relevant and profitable selling opportunity.


Customer Churn/Retention Modeling

Ongoing detection of events and patterns signalling a customer relationship at risk of decline or defection. Our approach is based on developing automated models, driven by seasonally adjusted engagement and purchase history, to detect threatened relationships promptly and to prescribe appropriate marketing responses.


Relevancy and Receptivity Analysis

Actionable intelligence that is a basis for tailoring messages and offers for maximum effectiveness and ROI. Consumer motivation and offer receptivity intelligence is combined with propensity scores for key motivational and response behaviors to create brand communications that are most appealing, persuasive and stimulating.


Measurement and Optimization
While other agencies relegate measurement and optimization functions to back-end scorecards and presentation decks, we regard them as foundational strategic disciplines. At Targetbase, it’s not just a matter of marketing accountability or for providing information and guidance for the next planning cycle. Our measurement and optimization capabilities are foundational to our integrated, adaptive, results-driven approach to consumer engagement strategy, execution and enablement.’


Our approach to achieving and sustaining marketing success is based on continuous and integrated learning that encompasses all marketing channels, platforms and programs, as well as the agility to rapidly apply learning to redirect and refine strategies, priorities and execution.


Web Analytics

Targetbase approaches web analytics from both macro and micro perspectives. From a macro perspective, we emphasize comprehensive measurement and results-oriented analysis and reporting frameworks. We assess and understand the unique contribution of individual assets and components (sources, keywords, media placements, website content, emails, etc.) in driving specific results. From a micro standpoint, we capture and analyze individual-level digital interactions. We use this detailed interaction information to understand which digital behaviors are the most important in increasing customer value.


Social and Mobile Analytics

Tools for evaluating and tracking the prevalence of social buzz associated with a brand relative to its competition. Processes and frameworks for measuring and tracking mobile interactions of individual consumers are used to analyze channel-specific and cross-channel engagement.


Patterns of Engagement

Tracking and synthesis of consumer engagement across channels and touch points into a meaningful set of actionable metrics. Matching engagement data and purchase data provides a basis for understanding correlations, giving visibility into the current and future ROI implications of changes in engagement levels or patterns.


Contact Optimization

Provides the ability to intelligently manage and control the nature and frequency of outbound communications to individual consumers. Predictive analytics are used to establish and maintain individual-level relevance and response propensities, determining optimal thresholds and rules of engagement to effectively manage communications.


Response Modeling

Optimizing ROI with direct offers through addressable channels for single product and multi-product offerings.


Program Optimization

Provides the ability to define an optimal balance of program participation and ROI through experimental design, econometrics and optimization analysis. Methods and techniques for optimizing client programs include: conjoint and discreet choice, factorial/fractional factorial testing, regression modeling, econometric and structural equation models and MARCOM/time-series modeling.


Targetbase BI Pulse. It is our Business Intelligence Center of Excellence. If you want a modern approach to accessing, interacting with, visualizing, and drawing insights from data, this is the solution for you.


Targetbase BI Pulse is the combination of analytic and technical talent that has teamed up to develop and produce tools that make sense of the ever-increasing, vast landscape of information. Targetbase BI Pulse gives you immersive and interactive environments to access your data, mobile and hosted views of key performance metrics, profile information and business intelligence strategies, architectures and road maps. The best part? This team becomes a part of your team. Think of them as your BI coach, helping you be your best with intelligence at your fingertips.

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