the more you know, the better you play

If you want to win the game, you need to outsmart the competition. We do it with data-driven intelligence: connecting the most relevant data and generating evidence you can act on. With the ability to make informed decisions, brands have a game-winning advantage.
These are just some of the areas where we use intelligence to inform business-building decisions:


A deep understanding of who they are—their wants and needs—and what will motivate them


Identify the precise media and tactics that will generate the best performance


Determine when and how often a brand should be engaging the consumer throughout the journey


A deep dive into the competition—their value proposition, marketing strategies and tactics


Shape the experience—the creative idea, the design, the personalization, the brand expression


Budget allocation, ROI calculation and creating the business case for the solution/campaign

architecting solutions that power personalized experiences

Designed to be dynamic, our solution architecture draws from a deep understanding of the consumer and their relationship with the brand. Data-driven intelligence is used to design the initial solution that factors in variables like real-time interactions, purchase behavior and preference. Data-driven intelligence is used again while the campaign is in market, adjusting levers of message, offer, frequency, channel to deliver optimal performance.


Frequency and channel optimized based on performance

real time

Experiences responding to customer actions


Personalized to the individual

redefining the patient journey

A patient’s path to personalized healthcare is anything but linear. It’s a combination of connected engagements that can go in many directions. We meet patients where they are on their journey and drive quality actions, deepening the connection to the brand and directing patients toward healthy outcomes.
Doctor Discussion Guide
Treatment Journal
Understanding treatment
Medication education
Community involvement
Disease state awareness
Starter Kit
Financial Support

creative designed for performance

Experience design that is infused with intelligence throughout the development process. It sharpens the focus on what problem we are trying to solve; digs into the audience to understand them and determine what data we can use; sparks creative thinking and exploration of campaign ideas; enables the creation of dynamic campaigns; and signals opportunities for optimization while in market. This approach for developing campaigns produces breakthrough creative—the ideas and the execution are artfully crafted. It amplifies performance, making brands resonate with consumers and driving brand-building results.

an approach to brand-building that fuels creativity


the challenge

Unpacking the problem

the audience

Investigating with data-driven detail

the activating idea

Zeroing in on the core message

the experience

Developing breakthrough creative

the solution

Activating dynamic campaigns

enabling intelligence to flow throughout

Intelligence fuels brand engagement. We use it to understand and recognize consumers, anticipate actions, personalize the experience and optimize performance. Look behind the curtain and you’ll find connected tech—databases, campaign management systems, DMPs, applications and sites—powering the experience and generating intelligence. In the ever-changing technology landscape, we work with existing technologies and help brands get more value out of what is already in place. We then connect existing tech with additional capabilities, creating integrated solutions that enable intelligence to flow and make dynamic brand experiences possible.


The Individual


Needs & Enablers


Events & Actions


The Experience