Introducing a New Product in a Crowded Pharma Category

Pharma Case Study


Make a twice-daily beta blocker stand out in a confusing, crowded field of heart medications. Generate love for the brand so the target is primed for the new, once-daily beta blocker to be released. And be credible, since everything from aspirin to soup is claiming to be “heart-healthy.”

Pharma Case Study


Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more supported you feel, the better you feel about your heart. Emotionally powerful print offered a free 30-day trial of the product, along with support via the toll-free Heartline. Print ad responders got a series of perfectly timed mailings packed with lifestyle tips, facts about the product and heart-health information. Once we established a relationship with existing patients, we began a program to migrate them to the new daily beta blocker medication.

Pharma Case Study


The print ad generated twice as many leads as estimated, which prompted an extended run. Redemptions of the free 30-day trial certificate exceeded forecasting by three times. Clearly, people took the messages to heart. As did the pharmaceutical industry. This campaign scored the Best CRM/Direct Mail Campaign at the DTC National Awards for both its creativity and its results.