Driving Engagement and Repeat Purchase

Acura Case Study

Acura Case Study


Acura wanted to plant the thought of repurchase in the mindsets of key owner cohort groups much earlier than at the end of their lease. But the brand’s communications were largely focused on customer acquisition; none were designed to engage current Acura owners.



The AOLC program’s design was fueled by a wealth of consumer insights gleaned through years of serving the Acura brand, Acura Parts & Service and via development of Customer Compass frameworks, which power the AHM Customer Database.

Acura Case Study



“In the moment,” the creative platform developed, speaks to existing Acura customers–drivers who are experiencing the heart-racing, blood-pumping thrill of driving the brand. Rather than trying to sell them their next vehicle, Acura is demonstrating/proving how great their vehicle and the brand is. Model-specific content is used to personalize each communication.



Precisely timed communications keep the Acura brand in the customer’s mind with appreciation messaging, specific lifestyle and vehicle content, and when the owner is back in market: Information about their latest Acura model or one they may “upgrade” to.

Acura Case Study


Subject line maximization testing increased email open rates by 53% on average. A Receiver Reaction study enabled gifts to be refined and program cost to be reduced. Receiver Reaction results enabled us to increase the effectiveness of the welcome kit by adjusting the callout of the roadside assistance cards.



  • 36% incremental lift in new Acura sales
  • 8% increase in the proportion of Acura clients categorized as Loyal
  • 9% increase in total Customer Paid ROs
  • 89% of owners enrolled in MyAcura